The Hills are Alive

I bet you couldn’t read that title without immediately thinking about the rest of that song from the iconic musical, The Sound of Music. There’s something about music that seriously captivates the brain and the soul. And if you say otherwise, you just haven’t heard the right music yet.

Music is something that ties people together. It creates bonds, experiences, and memories. Just the other night I was sitting at the bar with Nathan and over the speakers Africa by Toto began to play. At least 4 other people were singing it, just like we were. Even if people agree to disagree about music choices, everyone still loves a form of music.

I’ve been asked before how I write music, or my sister has commented how she can’t believe how I can write it as easily as it seems (when the feeling is mutual about her painting skills, which are amazing, she’s been to Artprize twice, not to toot her own horn for her). I can tell you right off the bat it’s not that easy.

I did some lessons growing up, but overall I was a “play by ear” musician. Or I taught myself off of tabs. To this day I haven’t been able to grasp reading or writing sheet music. I’m not sure why but there’s something about it that just won’t stick. So I stick to what I know, hearing.

There’s days, weeks, and months, where I can’t write music. It’s because I can’t hear it. Because that’s the process for me. I hear lyrics, melodies, harmonies, chord progressions, and the like and it’ll be like a broken record, on repeat, until I write it down. I’ve stewed on something for months before it touches paper. Then comes the process of putting it together, whatever “it” is, be it a song or a set of lyrics. The right chords have to be put in the right places or everything sounds wrong. There are times where I can come up with a song in 10 minutes, or it takes a few months. There’s no rushing an art form, any artist will vouch for that. It’s got to be right or it’s not worth it.

So what I would convey is just because you aren’t “great” at something doesn’t mean you should quit. You can find ways around or through your flaws or shortcomings in order to overcome what might seem impossible. Persistence pays. It takes time, but overall it’ll always be worth it. Because even if you aren’t a fan of your art; someone else might be.

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